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Debt settlement is a process used by both creditors as well as the debtor to negotiate a resolution of existing money owed by law in order to avoid bankruptcy and the additional adverse effects on the debtor's credit rating it can bring.

If you have unmanageable credit card debt, it is your right to contact each creditor to negotiate a payment plan. However, due to various laws and rules set forth by these creditors, it can be quite hard to finesse a payment plan that fits within your current financial situation. offers you a less stressful option - we connect you with reputable companies who act on your behalf to negotiate a reduction in the unsecured consumer debt you owe.

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Experiencing some type of hardship that prevents you from paying your debt fully may prompt you to head for bankruptcy court. However debt settlement is your way out, without permanently damaging your credit for years. If bankruptcy is declared, creditors do not receive a cent. Therefore, many of them are willing to work with you on a debt relief program which allows you to settle for less than what you owe and create a realistic payment plan each month.

Our affiliated companies will assist you by working on your behalf with these creditors, looking out for your financial interests and creating a workable monthly savings plan which will go towards settling your consumer debt so you will soon have zero balances and clear financial conscience. Once this is achieved, you can then concentrate on rebuilding your shaky credit profile.

Credit Card Debt... Are You Losing Sleep Because Of It?

The truth about paying credit card minimums:

Credit card agreements have a Universal Default clause; this allows them to raise your interest because you were late with another company or if they consider you a high credit risk without informing you!

By paying minimum payments on the balance of credit cards it takes an average of 38 years to pay off! Without increasing your current balance you will pay back four times your debt in interest payments alone! (that's with a low interest rate too!) 2003 penalty fees such as late charges averaged $10, in 2006 they jumped to an average of $35! Every year more and more Americans come too realize that they are running on the endless credit card treadmill!

When seeking debt relief these are the most common choices people make.

First is to try and call the credit card company directly. Only to find that they normally will give you unreasonable terms to deal with your problem. Second is apply for a loan to consolidate your cards hoping to get a lower payment. Only to be denied because you are a high risk with to much credit card debt. Next is to try Consumer Credit Counseling. What most people are shocked to find out, is that their payment can be equal to or higher than what you are currently paying and most plans are for over 5 years! Finally they give up and say I guess I have to through a bankruptcy! Only to find out it's not as easy as it sounds and it's a public record for the rest of their life.

Does this sound like you? Have you considered any of the above?

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